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Session ID: 10563

Abstract: This session will discuss ADOP as it relates to the upgrade of your E-Business Suite to 12.2 and ongoing maintenance and best practices for use of ADOP in 12.2. This lecture will review the transition from adpatch through the upgrade process to adop and will discuss in depth ADOP command options and where and how to use them. We will also discuss using the AD utilities ADADMIN and ADCTRL on the run and patch filesystems of 12.2 and what effects these tools can have. The new cloning process for 12.2 will be discussed and reviewed and we will also cover the new log file structure delivered with AD/TXK Delta 8 vs prior log files.

Objective 1: In-depth look into each of the ADOP phases and what actually occurs.

Objective 2: Will cover hotpatch/Downtime/Restart/Reapply and many more adop options

Objective 3: Using Adadmin, Adctrl and Cloning Utilites with 12.2

Objective 4: To "AD/TXK Delta 8+ new features"

Objective 5: We will cover common mistakes made and what to look out for in your upgrade.

Audience: -All-