Customizing AutoConfig/RapidClone

12:30 PM–1:30 PM Apr 22, 2018

Breakers D

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Session ID: 10393

Abstract: AutoConfig and RapidClone are used to configure eBS and setup cloned environments. Many customers still run scripts after running AutoConfig. Or they have to run a post-clone script. Fortunately Oracle provides a framework for customizing and extending Autoconfig. This allows administrators to fine-tune how the environment is configured. We use custom variables in the Autoconfig process and even integrate your postclone scripts.e get an overview of AutoConfig and the customization options. Finally I show how to use Autoconfig to configure your own CUSTOM developments.

Objective 1: Extend Autoconfig to ensure a correct setup

Objective 2: Integrate post-clone and setup scripts in Autoconfig

Objective 3: Make Autoconfig more flexible by using context-dependent setup

Audience: -All-