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Session ID: 10182

Abstract: As cloud adoption increases, IT teams are looking for the optimal balance between which E-Business Suite modules to deploy in the cloud and which modules to retain in the existing on-premises infrastructure. One of the challenges to consider with a hybrid approach is syncing data between on-prem databases and cloud applications. Join us as we share how Mutual Materials Company found a way to automatically sync data between E-Business Suite on-prem and Oracle Sales Cloud to achieve business continuity with a hybrid IT infrastructure.

Objective 1: Discuss factors that help determine what modules make sense to move to Oracle cloud applications

Objective 2: Review obstacles Mutual Materials faced when trying to implement a hybrid infrastructure

Objective 3: Review how Mutual Materials implemented DataVaya to automatically sync data to Oracle Sales Cloud

Objective 4: Review the measurable improvements made from implementing the solution for IT

Objective 5: Discuss future of DataVaya at Mutual Materials to automate data-transfer between other applications

Audience: -All-