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Session ID: 101560

Abstract: It is hard to make intelligent decisions when you only have partial facts.Learn how a complete, future-proof and trusted cloud can modernize your business now and into the future. Offer your customers exceptional customer experiences, by giving your customers what they want in real-time, and offering them what they don't even know they need yet, all via easy to use Oracle AI Apps. Hear how other customers are using Oracle Cloud Applications to achieve better business outcomes.

Objective 1: Learn how a complete cloud applications suite from Oracle with built-in AI can help transform your entire business and improve your customer experiences.

Objective 2: Use the power of accurate internal data + real-time external data to future-proof your business and increase your business's IQ. Oracle's innovative cloud applications with built-in AI can help you propel customer experiences.

Objective 3: Reduce risk with a trusted cloud applications suite from Oracle and learn what increased data security can mean for your customers.

Audience: Functional