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Abstract: For companies considering a new ERP system, system upgrade, hosting their current systems in the cloud, or weighing the decision of whether to migrate an existing on-premise ERP solution to a cloud only solution there are benefits to each of these approaches. But with all the confusion on what exactly it means to go to the Cloud', it can be difficult to understand how to best evaluate the options available to you. The purpose of this presentation is to provide clarification, and share the important criteria our clients use to determine their path forward. We'll take the time to define key cloud technology terms as well as how to evaluate Cloud solutions versus on-premise ERP offerings.This presentation is geared towards executives and managers and is relevant for anyone who wants to learn more about cloud ERP, or is comparing cloud and on-premise solutions.

Objective 1: Clearly define Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP

Objective 2: Learn the criteria for evaluating cloud and on-premise ERP including: costs, upgrades, security and up-time, hybrid solutions, and industry trends

Objective 3: Share the reasons why some executives choose cloud ERP while others choose on-premise, as learned through our consulting practice for both solutions

Audience: Technical/Functional