Session ID: 112160

Abstract: When a Unifier Implementation is finished, why does it sometimes appear differently than what was envisioned at the start? This is a practical and funny review of how Unifier processes often end up looking nothing like what was intended and what you can do to avoid the pitfalls. Hear banter and collaboration from two Unifier experts, one who has sold the dream the other who has had to live with it. They know you are not alone if your hopes and dreams of business process improvements and boundless options in Unifier were tempered by the final solution. We may be able to help bring the dream and reality closer.

Objective 1: Learn about processes that are good to automate and ones that may be more challenging

Objective 2: Discuss sales and consulting pitches vs. design vs. real usage

Objective 3: Hear tips and tricks when making design decisions and how to learn more when prototyping

Audience: Technical/Functional